I write

I’ve written books about youth, generations and communication with my partner in crime, Jeroen Boschma. Those books were works of love. I love youth today and am very optimistic about the way they change our world. Youth today is more outspoken, more creative, more daring, more their own persons than people of my generation – and not only in the Netherlands. They change the way we see the world, they change the way institutions work, they change the way we do business. And I love it!

I speak

As a former consultant and account manager at youth communication agency Keesie I developed a broad knowledge base about youth today: how to reach them, how to communicate with them, how to engage them. I did years of research, advised companies and institutions, developed campaigns which ultimately resulted in Generation Einstein, a book about this generation of young people that I wrote with Jeroen Boschma, creative director of Keesie. I spoke on a lot of occasions about this topic, but this is the only one recorded in English. A few years ago.. so forgive my English. It’s getting better!

I teach

I am a lecturer in Lifestyle Research: a topic about youth and how to do research with and about them.  Young people are the future and they inherit huge global challenges. If we can engage them and find out what makes them tick, we can help them to tackle these challenges.

My favorite topics for teaching

Youth today – their generation, their communication, trends, history and research

Generations – how generations are formed, how generations are defined, the implications and practical uses of generational knowledge

Gamification – what is it actually, how to use it in daily life, what to learn from games and how to implement the learnings in everyday life