Generation Einstein (Indian edition)

Client: Jeroen Boschma & Inez in collaboration with Samyak Chakrabarty & Arjun Paul Vedanayagam from Bindass Youth Agency

Date: 10/02/2015

Categories: Books / Youth

Generation Einstein, the Indian edition, is about a new Global Generation of young people growing up in this day and age. Kids in India are the same as kids in China or America. It has nothing to do with living standards, demography or economics anymore; it’s all about mindset.

From the book: “We all want to be a part of the rest of the world: we all want to belong, to be succesful professionally, in our family life, and in love. We want great schools, beautiful homes, healthy children, good roads, solid transportation. We may aspire and strive individually, but ultimately it’s not just about me me me. What matters moest is how we relate to our world, how we make decisions. In terms of public infrastructure, education, and socia-economic equality, India has a long way to go, but those of the global generation, speak the same language. The language of technology, and novelty, of friendship and collaboration.” (p.3)

This book is about these kids, about the culture they share with kids all over the world¬†and how to communicate with them. It offers an insightful look into the workings of their minds, how they make choices, evaluate mediums and most importantly how to establish a connection with them as equals. “They are the custodians of the innovations of tomorrow and to understand them all we have to do is listen.”


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