Ik ook van jullie

Client: Jeroen Boschma & Inez Groen, uitgegeven door A.W. Bruna

Date: 09/02/2015

Categories: Books / Youth

This book is about children. Normal children. Regular, sweet children who love cuddly rabbits, love it when daddy is home, are sad about the passing of grandma, suckle their thumbs: those children. Who are just as sweet, naughty, annoying, cute, angry and enthusiastic as all the other kids. Children with normal dreams, wishes and wants. Those 90 percent of our children without anything, except they are ours, and therefore special.

In this book we describe what they do, what they like, what they expect of the world, what they hope and want, how they see their world, surroundings and parents. This book is for all parents who want to know how it is to grow up in this day and age, how they react to television, internet, wealth and commerce, games, class mates, each other and their (grand) parents.

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