Love Youth Marketing

Client: Jeroen Boschma & Inez Groen, uitgegeven door A.W. Bruna Uitgevers

Date: 10/02/2015

Categories: Books / Youth

Did you see it coming? Did anyone see it coming? Well, we for one didn’t. When we wrote Generation Einstein in 2005, Facebook wasn’t really known among the public. We were certain that the computer had become more of a social machine than the library/typewriter/workstation – but in what way? When we thought about BlackBerry, we saw business-like types standing in corners making what seemed to be very important phone calls – but could we ever have predicted that eventually the business suits would be replaced by young girls with long, colored nails busily pinging “very important messages” to their friends? And can someone predict how long BB is going to last with that particular age group? Oh, and who foresaw text messaging? WhatsApp? Farmville? Twitter? Did you?

Youth marketing is not an absolute science in which you can predict what product is going to be the next big thing with twenty-somethings. Research, excel sheets, predictions, trend reports, cool hunts – it’s all fun to do and to read, but when push comes to shove, things just happen. Youth does what they want to do, not what we would like them to do (or buy).

Youth marketing is (next to teaching) the best job in the world, and in this booklet we want to take you with us on a trip into this domain. We want to show you what we know, as well as what we don’t know but get very excited about, in the hope of inspiring you and getting you to think about youth and their world. So we can help shape that world together and, at the same time, have a lot of fun in this field. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. (p. 15 – 17)

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